A LIVE cat poem!

My lady cat at her sup!

The Nationalities of Cats J.R.McRae

White cats are queens on cushions with cream,

Dreaming of fishing eternal streams,

Wishing for dishes like pigeon pie

And how a cat might learn to fly

And chase the birds across the sky!

Tabbies are tigers who blend with the rushes,

Slipping like shadows from under the bushes,

Liquid in motion they pass,

Like wind gliding over the grass!

The Siamese sit with their eyes wary slits

Stalking their servant and master.

Their due is the homage of choicest titbits,

No cat is sleeker or faster!

Piebald cats are clowns and tumblers

With wicked grins and jaunty airs

Sauntering backyards and alleys,

Catch as catch can who dares!

But the black cat’s the creature of legend and myth

Who lives both by stealth and his wiles

He appears out of nowhere and sits by your fire

When you ask ”Where’ve you been?” he just smiles.


2 Responses to “A LIVE cat poem!”

  1. Thanks – pretty interesting!

  2. Topics: cats, breeds of cats, tabby cats, piebald cats, black cats, Siamese cats, white cats, persians, feline behaviour, animal behaviour, pets

    Description: This poem celebrates the wonderful ways of cats, their agility, their cunning, their companionship and their usefulness to us. Where would the farmer be with his grain store without the cats to keep the mice and rat plagues in check!

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