Lean Cat Cuisine

Lean Cat Cuisine © J.R.Poulter22Jan 04 [in “Imagimals”, KBS, 2005]

Late afternoon

The little cats come,

The licketty split, thin as a stick


Peering and staring from under the bushes

Wary and waiting

For the last tides of late ones

To go,

Leaving them be,

Lords and Ladies,

To pick at the bins

The happy scraps, lush for licking, nice nibbly bits

That tickle the tongue!

The elegant cats’

Lean feline cuisine –

Burger bits, gravied chips, a bit o bun, fried rice –

Nice –

Mmmmm this’s YUM!

Long, Lean Buster


One Response to “Lean Cat Cuisine”

  1. Topics: fast food, takeaway foods, ‘throw away society’, disposable everything, stray cats, feral cats, responsible pet ownership, nutrition

    Description: This was written after observing a number of stray cats ransacking the cafeteria bins late one evening. I saw how they thrived on our waste and thought about how much we waste as a society and how irresponsible we can be with our careless eating [health wise] with our responsibility towards pet animals. But the animals themselves looked lean but healthy and were enjoying themselves!

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