The Drowning Place by J.R.McRae

The Drowning Place

In the poem “The Drowning Place”, sea/water images are used to describe the experience of being carried along by something beyond your control, of being subsumed by something that has overtaken you.

Study of Society: Depression and Addiction are often linked – one ‘pain’ being used to bury, dull, or overlay the other with  a masochistic intensification.

Topics: Afterlife, death, belief, angels, God

English: /Music/Art: “The Drowning Place”  deals with belief  in God, angels and the hereafter.  The works of William Blake artistically and poetically were inspirational. There is nothing more personal than what you believe, it can define you.  Some of the most powerful poetry, literature, music and art in the western world have been borne out of belief – the Psalms, The Book of Job, Handel’s Messiah, the rhetoric of Martin Luther King Jnr, Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, El Greco’s   religious paintings, William Blake’s illustrations to ”The Grave” or the Book of Job, the ecstatic poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins, Dante’s “Inferno” illustrated by Gustav Doré, Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Activity: Take 2 large sheets of paper, swirl ,throw, splash colour all over one to represent what you believe; scatter words and phrases across the 2nd to encapsulate what you believe– your own or quotes.  Different result, but is the fervour/passion behind it any different?


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